Thursday, December 22, 2016

The "Awesome Year" Challenge! 

What do you do to celebrate the New Year in your classroom? Are you looking for a different way for students to write New Year's resolutions this year? Well you've come to the right place! In my classroom we plan to make this year AWESOME!

Last year I was inspired by a Kid President video to help my kids create New Year's resolutions that were focused on making the world better for everyone. Watch the video below to see how Kid President spreads the love!

I showed this "Awesome Year" video to my class, and then we decided to create our own video that we shared out with our school and parents. I used the following graphic organizer to help kids brainstorm  ideas.

I then had my students choose one idea they wanted to share with the world. We used to create our videos. I compiled them using iMovie (you can also use Windows movie maker), and I uploaded the video to YouTube.

I hope you are inspired to make this year AWESOME as well! 


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