Friday, July 22, 2016

FREEBIES for Building a Strong Classroom Community

It's that time again to start planning for back-to-school. One of my main focuses for the ENTIRE school year is to build a strong classroom community. We all know that creating a classroom centered around trust and understanding is essential to student learning, however sometimes we forget to extend class building and team building activities beyond the first few weeks of school. Here are a few of my favorite activities that I use from August to May.

1. Mad Libs:
Mad Libs are an excellent way to build your classroom community because they are so funny! No matter who's Mad Lib you are reading aloud, it is bound to make students chuckle. Mad Libs are such a powerful tool in any classroom. Not all students know how to be funny, so giving them positive and appropriate opportunities to connect with their peers though laughter is key! Click below for a FREE back-to-school Mad Lib that is sure to have your students cracking up!

2. Find Someone Who:
I use "Find Someone Who" activities when returning to school after a holiday or break. This is a great way to help students talk about their experiences and connect with others who have had similar experiences. When each of my students finds a person to sign a square, they must then ask them a question that extends on the prompt in that square. Click below for a FREE back-to-school "Find Someone Who."


3. Team Challenge Quizzes:
Have you ever used My kids LOVE it! Whatever is on my computer screen is automatically shown on my students computer screens. Working in teams students complete quick and fun quizzes. In our room we cal these "team challenges." Each group rotates who the leader is, and students must cheer one another on in order to earn points. One of my students favorite team challenges is the Emoji riddles. If you don't have a Nearpod account, sign up for one and then access my emoji quiz by clicking below. 
(Burger King)

4. Order Up:
Order Up is a fun and quick activity that I frequently use as a brain break. Without talking, students have to put themselves into the order of whatever topic I assign.  

I hope you enjoy these free activities. Share below what types of things you do to build a strong classroom community throughout the year!

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